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Host A Fundraising Event


Interested in hosting a fundraising event to support the recruitment of Doctors to our area?

Awesome! - Here are a few easy, simple fundraising events you could host:

Office Mini-Golf
Each department or team designs their own mini-golf hole, using the office as their inspiration. Employees who want to design the hole can build ramps, add water features and otherwise have fun designing a quirky hole that will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike. During lunch or at a specified time, staff will be invited to pay their "green fee" and golf the entire course. The winner will receive a trophy and everyone else will have enjoyed trying their skill, with all the "green fees" donated to charity.

Penny or Coin Wars
Penny or Coin Wars can keep your office buzzing for weeks. Each team or department will be given a large container with a challenge to collect as many pennies or coins as possible. The twist is that while every penny counts for one point, silver change is actually deducted from their score. Opposing team members use strategy to add nickels, dimes and quarters to reduce an opposing team's points, making for plenty of cross-departmental rivalries. The team with the highest amount of points at the end wins and the charity benefits from the high jinks.

Charity Auction or Prize Raffle
Consider hosting a silent or live auction or a prize raffle for your employees with unique gifts and treats.

Bake Sale
Have your employees show of their domestic side. Set up a table where customers and other employees can purchase treats.

Book Exchange
Instead of keeping dusty books, have a table set out for an exchange. A donation jar in the middle with a price list for paper backs, hard covers and children’s books. This fundraiser is very low maintenance but brings in a surprising donation.

Donation Jars
Have these placed in a high traffic area in your store or establishment.

Gift Wrapping
Have the associates wrap up Christmas or Valentines Day gifts for a donation.

Golf Tournament
Host a golf day for employees, friends and families.

Bottle Drive
Have office staff donate empties.

Host a BBQ for staff and customers.

Yard Sale
Have staff donate unwanted household items to be displayed to the public for purchase.

Host a 50/50 raffle for employees

Employee Deduction Program
Each employee agrees to have a set amount deducted each pay towards the Renfrew & Area Health Services Village Fundraising Campaign. At the end of the year each employee will be issued a charitable tax donation receipt.

Car Wash
Have the employees wash cars.

Casual Dress Day
Choose a day of the week to allow staff to “dress down” for a donation.

How does helping us benefit you?

We would love to hear about your fundraising ideas and plans so we can help make your event a success!

Thanks for considering ways to support the recruitment of Doctors to our area.

Please give us a call at 613-432-3328 or email at



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